1. What is an Approved Layout?
Approved layout is one which is approved by either CMDA or DTCP according to the location of the land. Lands within the metropolitan area will be accorded by the CMDA and the lands outside will be done by DTCP. This can be verified with the layout number given by the Government. Status of Approval can also be obtained from CMDA website.

2. What is Approved Plan?
Before the commencement of construction the proposed construction must be approved by the local body. Without the sanction plan the commencement of construction is illegal. All the sanctioned drawings will have a unique number for the approval. The sanction will be accorded to the building only after verification of all the documents and after complying of development control rules laid down by CMDA.

3. What is Deviation of Plan?
The sanctioned plan will have some space technically called as setback on all four sides of the building. In general it varies from 1.5m to 4m according to various development control rules. If the building is constructed leaving lesser setback than the one mentioned in the sanctioned floor plan , then it is called deviation. Also constructing more than the sanctioned floors is also a deviation. In some cases the number of dwelling units will be more than the sanctioned plan which also is a deviation. Purchase of flats having deviation in any respect is not advisable.

4. What is UDS?
UDS is nothing but undivided share. Sharing of available land amongst the owners to the proportions of the actual plinth area of their respective flat. Simply put, (Total constructed area/ Total plot area) X Individual flat area

5. What is VAASTHU?
Vaasthu is a global science which can be observed throughout the world. The flowing positive energy into the building is called Vaasthu. There is no harm in following Vaasthu. By observing vaasthu one can have a good peaceful life.

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